History of The Park Ministry

The Park Ministry was founded as a Baptist Church that has been wandered from place to place. Its first establishment was in 1913 in Charlotte. This church was established by many Reverent coming from a Baptist Congregation and that this church has changed its name over a period of time. Perhaps, Baptist church wants to enlarge their tent so in 1953, so they moved to a better location and then the church was named Mt,. Olive Baptist Church. Of course, there were twists and troubles at that time.

In 1961, Rev Shipman decided to move the church and a build a church of themselves so that they will not be moving anywhere. They wanted to have a permanent address so they decided to help each other to finish building the church. True to their dreams, people like Spangler and Marney donated materials and monetary fund for the church. They also changed the name of the church into Myers park Baptist Church. This also made a great inspiration of the members to proclaim the church.

From the time the church own building was established, succeeding Reverends came to took over the church one after the other until such time the number of the church members increased and they even branched out.In 2001, this church name was changed to the Park Church and it grew to a large numbers accommodating more about 2000 members. They keep on saying to their members to keep doing good so that they receive the salvation of their souls. They celebrated their centennial in 2013