The 10 least popular books of the Bible from old and new testament

There are some interesting things that we like to know about the Bible especially if we do not know what we should look and read in the Bible. In the Bible classes that are offered in churches, you can gain knowledge about the Bible like who are the prophets or the judges in Israel and who are the kings that came after them? There are more as you can also study about the life of the prophets and you can memorize and also recite their names.

That is why there is also this topic on what are the books of the Bible that are least popular. Because they are not much known and not many people refer to them and that the prophets who wrote them are not well known so the books may end up on this list. Here you can read in the infographics the list of those Bible and also a summary of its content. Even if Jonah is very popular because of the fish that swallowed Jonah for three days it is still on this list.

But for some people, they used very much some of the books of the Bible that are mentioned in the list because when they teach they have verses that are from these books that are very important. That is why it can also depend on other things and other people. This ranking is just a result of what was thought and it could be different to others.

Understanding people and the Bible via survey in 5 aspects

In this article let us understand the behavior of people who read the Bible. As the Bible is one of the most printed books with many different version it is also one of the most read book that exists to this day. Others do not believe in the Bible and so they do not read it. Other people believe it and also go to church but they do not usually read the Bible. Maybe because they have adapted the habit in their church.

In their church, it is only the pastor or leader or priest who reads the bible. That is why they also do not read the Bible. That is why even if they had attended a church all their life they do not know what are the commandments of God that we should follow. They just based their faith on what is told to them but they did not bother to ask if it is in the Bible or not.But the Bible already teaches us that the standard of our faith must only the Bible.

If we will follow what Jesus taught us we can see what is the commandment. He practices before the cultures of the people has taken over and controlled the people of the world. Looking again at the infographic you can see how people use the Bible when they read alone or in a group. As there are different versions of the Bible, they also used those different versions looking for the same verses.

The pastor and the church: The members standard of a pastor to follow

As there are many churches today that is being led by a pastor then what would be your standard to look for when you will attend a church? In this times it is no longer about the faith but it is based on what people feel. If you feel that your pastor can be addressed your concerns then you know that you are in the right church. That is the situation today that is why many people leave the church who just repeat sermons and try to find another church.

Now their next concern is how to find a good church led by a good pastor. Others look for the educational attainment of the pastor while others choose the reason stated in the first paragraph. More of it you can read in the infographic. It explains about the salaries of the pastors that are based on the numbers of their members. If you are in a church with more member you can receive more salary compared with a pastor assigned in a church with lesser members.

That is why some pastors have their own jobs also to maintain but others who built their own churches and have many offerings and receive donation are doing well financially. But one thing is for sure, we should not attend a church because of the words of the pastor but by the words in the Bible. We should have the true faith that God is looking for and follow His gospel so that we could be saved.

Why Do Many People Ignore Knowing God?

Why do people ignore knowing God? Here are the list of reasons. They do not have the passion to study the Bible. Actually, the Bible is the only book the testifies about God. So there is no way people can know God unless they study the Bible. People do not see what future is. People do not see the future of their souls. If they believe that souls exists, they will come to think that they have to face also their spiritual life.

People in this age do not care about their souls because they focus on their body. People do not fear God. If people believe that God exists, then they will surely know that God will judge us according to what we have done. There are so many people who think that God does not exist so they do not need to believe in Him or even seek them. How pitiful is this kind of mindset. How can they not see that God exists. Some say that science contradicts the Bible.

However, science and the Bible go hand in hand. God let science developed to prove that He exists. People do not come close to God because of the hypocrisy of the church that somehow they see. Sometimes when they go to church and they do not feel it, then that is a great problem because people think ‘as if there is no God’. Because of some Christian deeds, people go far from God. Sometimes if church members hurt each other, that is the time they will come to desert God.

What Proves that the Bible is Fact?

Have you tried to study the Bible? There are some people who do not believe in God because they think the Bible is just written by men. What proves the Bible is fact? The Bible is proven as real by science. While science developed, scientists proved that the Bible is fact. How does science prove that the Bible is fact? Let us take a look at the principles and laws of science, are they not recorded in the Bible? Science say that the the earth is hanging in the empty space.

People believe this though they do not see. In the the book Job 26:7, God says the the earth is hanging in the empty space. The book of Job was written by Job 3, 500 years ago (Bronze age) while Isaac Newton discovered the law of Universal Gravitation in 16th century. How could job tell that the earth is hanging in empty  space when there were no technology in those times. Compared to Newton, he discovered a scientific fact through technology. This means that the Bible is fact and that God exists.

The Bible is proven as fact by History.The history of the world just went according to the prophecies written in the Bible. There are so many people who have been thinking of how the Bible can be true. We can see that it is true when we see the prophecy of Daniel about the four kingdoms that would emerge on earth namely, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome, were fulfilled. The Prophecies of the Bible that were fulfilled has proven that the Bible is fact.

Bible Book Trivia: The timeline that shows the life of the prophet Nehemiah

There are many books in the Bible and through them, we can also know the prophets that were sent and called by God. One of the famous prophets is Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt and they were freed from slavery. Moses was used by God to lead His people to the promised land of the place of Canaan. It was described as a place where they would not in need but prosperous. There are many more prophets but today let us learn more about the prophet Nehemiah.

In the first part is an explanation of the maker of the infographic and so we can just read and skip to the part where it shows about the life of Nehemiah. The timeline began when the Israelites were taken captive to Babylon as prophesied because of their disobedience to the word of God. Then as God planned, Cyrus conquered Babylon and freed the Israelites and allowed them to go back to Jerusalem and be able to worship the God of Heaven and rebuild the temple.

The temple was then rebuilt but the wall of Jerusalem is not done and so Nehemiah went to check about it and then rebuild it. When the walls were rebuilt he goes back to Susa to report and then goes back again to Jerusalem. After some years the book of Nehemiah is written. The man Nehemiah is a prophet of God and had done what he seems true to worship God.

The pastor and faith: The top 4 things that a pastor pray for

Do you have any idea what your pastor pray for? If you pray then what is the content of your prayer? We know that prayer is very important because we can communicate with God who is the Highest and the Creator. He is the only one that we should depend on so that we can overcome all the trials and pain on this earth. Then what should we pray to Him? An infographic I found let us know what are the things pastors pray for.

In the infographic, the first part is what are the pastors pray for. It is very surprising to know and interesting as we do not know what they pray for except when you are a pastor. In this times many churches pray for their needs because there are those who teach that you should also have a better life to show that you are blessed by God. And it is also a thinking that we should pray to God for our needs. But it is surprising how some pastors are very rich.

There are many things that could be questioned but let us not get into that. Back to the infographics, we can see about the time the pastors spend praying to God and what are those prayers for. Also, there is a reference to praise and prayer. When we pray to God we can also and should give praise. They are in the same line but we can also praise God by songs.

How long does it takes to read the old testament books of the Bible

Have you tried reading the Bible from Genesis until Revelation? The Bible is an amazing book because even if it was written by many different persons, their content is related and we can understand that truly it is not their word but the word of the Most High. He is testified in the Bible and he is the only one we must follow for our salvation. Whatever he taught to us we should follow without adding or removing anything from it. Let us see the Bible.

Now you can see the summary of the hours that could take you to read the Bible but this is only in the old testament. Let us say you are working within eight hours a day so let us substitute your work to reading the Bible. It could take you about 13 days to finish reading all the books of the Bible in the old testament. When you think of it you must have felt that it is long but if you will just devote part of your time every day then you can finish it within one month.

It is not that hard to read it but there are books that would make you feel to stop reading like the judges as it tells about all those who became judges in Israel and what they have done. There are very many of them and you may feel tired while just reading all of them. That is why you can learn also when you will read the bible.

Truth or culture: The 5 aspects that Christmas contradicts the Bible

There is a verse in the Bible that it says that there is no true faith that God will find on this earth when He will come again a second time. But there are very many churches on this earth and different denominations. There are also billions of people who believe in God but why there is no faith? Because there is the faith that is guided by culture and practices of men and there is the faith that follows the teaching of the Bible.

Just as the Samaritan woman who met Jesus said that they are waiting for the Messiah that would tell them all the truth, let us also seek who is the one that promised to come again a second time to guide and lead us into the sheep pen so that we could all be gathered to become the wheat that would be put in the heavenly barn. Let us not be the weeds who only follow the lawlessness that originated by law imposed by men.

Only the one who had given us the divine laws can be able to change and modify those laws. If we will not pray to God to lead us into the truth and to open our hearts and mind to accept it then we are in danger. Let us seek what is the truth for the salvation of our souls and not this physical body as it will just be on this earth.

The 12 Bible verses that could help you when you are in trouble

There are many people who truly depend on God and they read the Bible every time they can read it. They are very devoted and have the thinking that they too should enter the kingdom of heaven that is why they try to live their live reading the bible a lot to understand God. They make effort also to follow what their pastor says and what they teach. Whatever is for the church they will do and give. They have such a faith that someone may envy.


But even if you are not that devoted to reading the bible and that you want to read it when you are undergoing something then you have a guide here. Some bible have the guide at the back of the Bible so that those who turn to the Bible wanting to be comforted and receive advice can have. In the infographic there are twelve instances that people need something and so corresponding verses are also given. You can read them one by one.

Or you can just copy them so that if you are in that situation you will know what verse of the Bible to study or open. Many have found their comfort and say that they have a good personal relationship with God as they have found the answer. In this times we should ask and pray to God to lead us into the truth that could give us salvation. Not just to have help in this world but for our soul.