The Park Ministry Events

What are the activities of The Park church? There are so many activities that this church conducts such as:

Keeping Sunday services and Festivals of the churches. This is why they established their churches. The only way for them to keep in touch with their god is worshiping him. The festivals include the anniversary of the church, Easter celebrations and more. The Reverends spends time to talk with the congregation in order to create a feast where they can gather together. There are so many people who are making effort to find a good church.

They go out to preach. They can preach wherever like in the school and public places. They come go other houses and tell them the teachings of their churches, perhaps they say words of God. So some people come to know the existence of God. Of course, there are people who would reject it ans some would believe them. They say that they have to win souls. This world is full of the evil ones and even those who claim that they are righteous might be the ones who would receive punishment. It is not so important to see how much they increased because number is not a decisive factor of being the true one.

They also organize choir events for their members and they train their youths to become musicians of their church someday. They also have a seminary for their members who would like to be missionaries someday. They would accommodate anyone willing to follow their paths.