The Park’s Social Network

Social Network is very important for religious organizations they take the role of making the world a better place. People are expecting that through religious organization, the world will change. If this is the case, there shall be activities that they should perform in order to attract people to live in unity. Actually, they have connections with the officials in North Carolina and they have a relationship with the government. In this case, the government will be a help to all the people.

They also negotiate with the school so that the church can go and give speeches regarding growth and development of everyone. Sometimes, Reverends are invited as Guest Speakers of schools and other programs in order to make sure that there will be a spark for change in the hearts of people. They also come to media and report something about their church. Social Media also cross their way when they are making all the efforts to to be reported on television.

This is how they also can proclaim the existence of their church. There are so many things to create in their life. Since they have been in a relationship with the government and with other officials, they can now attain the social networks. Not only through media that they are made known but also through the websites that they make. They do volunteer activities such as giving free Bible for other people and they are giving some food to those who needs food. Sometimes through food, members can be comforted and share the same with their neighbors.